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Africa’s premier and most effective networking platform to reach automation and smart control industry professionals.

Connect with leading industry experts, innovators and see the products and technical capabilities in a live environment.


Digitized Technologies

Africa's largest showcase of Industrial Automation and Smart control technologies.

See the latest in the future of digitised technologies.

Latest technologies and innovations

Nowhere else in Africa can you experience all the key players on one floor, enabling you to compare products, technologies and solutions

Our exhibitors showcase the latest technologies and innovations which allows you to keep up to date with the latest trends

Discover ways automation can benefit you and when and how to integrate it

Discover ways automation can benefit you and when and how to integrate it

AAF will illustrate ways to overcome manufacturing stagnation and fast track growth, by showcasing the latest technologies, solutions and models for next generation manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and Beyond

Find out where industry 4.0 is headed and explore strategies and solutions for driving efficiency in your operations.

3 free Industry led Workshops

Explore Industry 4.0 strategies and solutions to drive efficiency, productivity and cost benefits in your operations

Real world solutions

Assess what manufacturers are achieving through the implementation of new technologies and implementable real-world solutions

Connected Industries Conference

Spotlight on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the impact it will have on the South African economy

At Reed Exhibitions we pride ourselves on being innovative and responding to the needs of the markets and we develop our shows based on feedback from our valued exhibitors. Our ambition is to further our expertise and improve the show, so we will be presenting you with a survey at the end of the show, which will gives us valuable insights into your business objectives and needs. The survey includes a number of questions but the most valuable to us is whether you would promote the show to a colleague or a friend. We call this the Net Promoter Score.

80% of referrals in business are from word of mouth, so the NPS is a crucial metric for us to understand if we are producing a show that our exhibitors find valuable and beneficial enough to promote to their peers. The question is posed as a rating between 0 and 10, you need to know that ratings of 9 or 10 are considered to be that you would refer the show to a friend or colleague, and ratings under 6 are considered not likely to promote it, and the final category is ratings of 7 and 8 are indecisive.

We hope that you will take the time to complete the survey after the show so that we are able to improve the value it has to your business and other business for future shows.


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